Crafting Relationship through Form

Thomas Deatherage

Thomas Deatherage Architect is a small firm with big value. Years of experience working on a variety of project types has afforded TDA the benefit of a great wealth of knowledge, encompassing the full scope of a project – from start to finish. This what differentiates TDA from the competition. Where many architects leave plans with the client to coordinate with the builder, TDA remains a true partner from initial conversation through move-in date and beyond.

Tom’s career has been extraordinarily rewarding and through years of hard work he has reached the point where he can select which the projects he wants to undertake. Through a brand strategy workshop, Astir helped Tom define what those projects are and what types of clients he wants to spend his time with. We also refined for clients what working with Tom is like – it’s like having a really good friend by your side. We translated that into a website that appeals to his target audience and showcases the projects he’s like to work on.