Get Moving

Therapeutic Associates, Inc.

Therapeutic Associates, Inc. (TAI) is the premier physical therapy provider on the West Coast and Mountain West regions of the US, serving patients through 82 individually owned-clinics in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and California. The problem was, their website didn’t reflect that. It was outdated and not mobile friendly. There was a wealth of content that no one could find and it had gotten out of control. In addition, the majority of the individual clinic owners were frustrated that they couldn’t control their own micro-site within the parent website.

Astir worked with TAI to define its corporate brand, establish goals for growth, explore user personas and develop user journey flows to streamline the path to relevant information. A newly designed, responsive website was developed on a customized, non-proprietary and totally user-friendly content management system. Clinic owners have regained control of their digital presence and the TAI brand is strong and secure.