Culture Change

Mission Facilitators International

Experiential learning transforms knowledge into action and perceptions into behavior. Mission Facilitators International (MFI) an organization focused on  executive coaching, leadership development, strategic planning and culture change came to Astir, with the task of re-ingniting their brand,  create a brand that reflected their culture and spoke directly to fortune 500 companies. We worked closely with Mission Facilitators in creating a brand that embodied movement and transformation, while at the same time projecting the stability of a 20 year old company that has and needs to be trusted by some of the largest corporations in the U.S.A. Astir worked closely with MFI to understand their audience and objectives, diving deep to understand the motivators of CEO’s who would benefit from culture change in their organization. Astir designed a new logo and identity system that evolved into a new responsive website design that sets MFI apart and elevates them to a new higher level.  Astir went on to direct a brand video, challenging leaders to look at their current organization and their role in that organization. and learn how to evolve both to be more fulfilling and successful.