Going for the “Big Win”

Big Island Bike Tours

You grow up riding a bike everyday and eventually turn that passion for cycling into an impressive professional racing career. You fall in love with your soul mate and marry her. Your racing career winds down. One, then two, then three beautiful kids later, family is calling and home is Hawai’i. So what’s a guy to do? Blend his love of bikes, his wife’s roots in the tropics, and their combined knack for hospitality together to start a world-class road and mountain bike tour company on the Big Island. Astir shares owner Alex Candelario’s love for bikes, waves, family and fun so the vision for the Big Island Bike Tours identity and website came easily. Express the “big win” experience through big vistas and bigger smiles, bright colors and rich content. And make the website user’s journey from point A to point B as fluid and friendly experience, much like the road from Waimea to Waipio Valley.